Cold Fusion - 2001

Cold Fusion is a classic Warren Miller Ski Video - exotic locales, breathtaking scenery, side-splitting comedy, and a splash of nostalgia. Warren Miller himself, the 76-year old legend, triumphantly returns to the screen, narrating the film with his trademark wry wit, and even carving some smooth turns in Montana. Cold Fusion features two incredible, never-before-seen world record-breaking stunts. First, world-class skier Matt Chojnacki, performs a "quad-quad" (four back flips with four twists), a jump so dangerous and technically difficult, it has been banned by the Olympic committee. Prior to filming Chojnacki in Cold Fusion's Nissan Big Air Exhibition, this jump had never even been attempted on snow! As if that weren't enough, B.A.S.E jumper Dave Barlia leaps off the north face of the Swiss Eiger in his specially designed "flying suit", sailing through the air for a world- record-breaking 41 seconds before pulling his parachute! The annual Warren Miller film has always been a spectacle of unprecedented daredevil stunts, and now Cold Fusion has exclusive coverage of two world records to prove it!

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